Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Quick Word About Incentives

In a recent post I strongly suggested that urban schools in particular utilize a system of performance pay or performance ladders to reward exemplary teachers, pressure medicre and lazy teachers, and attract new adults into education. Money is of course a powerful inducement, but there are other non-pecuniary ways to reward quality educators that could also be integrated into any "reward" system offered to teachers. Support for these non-pecuniary rewards could come from not only the school district but from stakeholders that have the means to donate tangible and non-tangible items to the school.

For example, schools could create a pool of money that could be used by exemplary teachers to create scholarships in a teacher's name and under the management of that teacher. Teachers can be rewarded with funds to purchase resources for their curriculum. They can be given "gifts" in the form of vacations, tickets to special events, or other tangible goods.

The point is that creative administrators can develop a workable system of rewards for teachers, and that such rewards are a vital part of urban education reform.

In the next post we will delve more thoroughly into the role of adminstrators and how they can create a culture of learning that will allow entrepreneurial minded teachers (and students), to flourish.

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